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Handy Andy LLC is a small home repair company serving St. Petersburg, Florida. We are fully licensed and insured to work on all of the different kinds of projects we handle – from simple home repair to mold inspection and removal. We also specialize in difficult home repairs, pressure washing, and home inspections.

Because Handy Andy LLC is a small business, we can keep our overhead low. Our philosophy is to keep things simple. This means that we aren’t spending money on advertising, managerial staff – and certainly not on any lazy employees. This approach allows us to charge the lowest rates possible to our clients. It’s the small business model that we choose to stick with, because it is easiest to manage, and lets us have a more personal relationship with our customers. That’s why we often get referrals from our existing customer base. They spread the work to their neighbors, family members, and coworkers that Handy Andy is the man for the job!

Handy Andy LLC and our small team of technicians truly appreciates the kind of work we do. With years of experience with handy man services, home repair, mold inspection and removal, and power washing, we have developed the skills which are required to tackle almost any job you can throw at us. It’s the diversity and variety of work that we have come to love about the handy man industry. Each job presents a new challenge and requires patience, flexibility, and knowledge.

Unlike many other home repair companies, we staff only the most experienced technicians. The fastest workers are those who know what they are doing. Unfortunately, many large companies hire people who are new to the industry – and you’re stuck with the bill of paying these novices by the hour. In contrast, Handy Andy LLC staffs only the most knowledgeable and experienced repair technicians. This means that we don’t just get the job done – we get the job done fast. This is another reason to choose Handy Andy LLC – we can save you money by working faster than the big guys can.

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Tommy Burnher
Because of a series of hard storms my roof had become covered in debris and dirt and who knows what else. I was worried about long-term damage to the wood shingles so I hired Handy Andy for their... Read More
Verla Tines
When it was discovered that I had mold under my floorboards, I didn’t know who to call. My neighbor said that she had Handy Andy provide pressure washing services before and thought that they... Read More
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We are fully licensed and insured to work on all of the different kinds of projects we handle - from simple home repair to mold inspection and removal. We also specialize in pressure washing and home inspections. We treat our customers as if they are our family. You'll always get the best service and treatment from Handy Andy because we take the time to understand your needs and strive to not only meet but exceed those needs. Handy Andy really is your resource for handyman services in Pinellas county.

We offer licensed & bonded General Contracting Services Too!