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Mold has a tendency to flourish in the dark, moist, hidden corners of your home, and your HVAC system and air ducts are no exception. As it reproduces, mold releases spores that spread through air and water to impact the sanitation, smell, and safety of your home. It’s important that you take care of mold problems quickly, especially if you smell a musty odor and notice discoloration on or near your HVAC system.

Handy Andy LLC serves St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Clearwater, Florida to ensure that all members of the community can identify and quickly repair HVAC and air duct mold issues. Our HVAC experts and mold remediation specialists are fully licensed and insured, and we offer total HVAC repairs and installations to confirm your mold is completely resolved. Just ask for Alex when you call!

Locating the Mold

AC duct mold testing tampaAir conditioning systems take hot and humid Florida air and strip it of all moisture and heat. The moisture is meant to drain out, but that doesn’t always happen. Dated and inefficient HVAC units can’t always keep up with extreme temperatures and high humidity levels, and consistent high humidity in your home promotes the quick growth and spread of mold.

Similarly, when the AC coil collects dust, mold often grows and produces the telltale musty odor. There are a few other potential problems, like the location of your HVAC unit in a damp space, or a humidifier kept running during the summer, that could produce mold as well.

The experts at Handy Andy LLC know exactly how to locate mold within any HVAC system or air duct structure.

Inspection and Remediation

When you call Handy Andy LLC for a mold concern, we will arrive promptly and provide more affordable rates than many commercial mold inspection and removal companies in the St. Petersburg area. We’ll complete a thorough mold inspection to identify the types of mold present in your home, and in what quantities. Since we are fully licensed and insured for HVAC and air duct mold remediation, we can solve your mold problem from start to finish!

Our company’s individual care and personalized attention will ensure that your home is mold free, your family’s health is protected, and your air is safe to breathe.

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