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handyman_servicesHandy Andy LLC is St. Petersburg’s premier handy man service provider. With a fully licensed and fully insured business practice, you can have the peace of mind with our dedication to professional work. We cover handy man jobs in the entire St. Petersburg area, including (but not limited to) Pinellas Park, Kenneth City, Gulfport, West Lealman, and East Lealman. If you have a quick job that needs to be taken care of, Handy Andy is the guy to call.

Handy man services can range from home electrical diagnosis involving broken lights, home inspections, repairing broken appliances, and so much more. We can also do home upgrade projects like attic insulation, deck and patio installations, bathroom repair, indoor and outdoor painting, and all handyman services in St. Petersburg, Florida.

One of the most common issues we receive calls about are bathroom problems. Leaky showers, moldy ceilings, and clogged toilets are but a few of the jobs we have seen. We can install and repair tile, unclog your drains, and many other common issues throughout your home. If you have dropped something precious into your sink – like your wedding ring – call us right away – we can help! Another common bathroom problem is issues with ventilation. If you need to have your shower fan inspected or replaced, that’s a job we can handle.

If you are thinking about a home remodeling project, give Handy Andy a call. We can put up dry wall and install tile for your home. We can paint your walls, sand your deck, stain your patio, or even install new ceiling fans.

One of the best investments you can make are energy saving modifications to your home or business. It could be time to contact our handyman services today if your air conditioning expenses are running out of control. Using heavy duty blinds and making other home repairs can make a big difference on your energy bill. That money will add up fast and pay for itself. Another great way to cut your electricity bill down is to install ceiling fans, improve ventilation, or ensure that your doors are tightly sealed. Call Handy Andy to take a look at your home or business today.

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Tommy Burnher
Because of a series of hard storms my roof had become covered in debris and dirt and who knows what else. I was worried about long-term damage to the wood shingles so I hired Handy Andy for their... Read More
Verla Tines
When it was discovered that I had mold under my floorboards, I didn’t know who to call. My neighbor said that she had Handy Andy provide pressure washing services before and thought that they... Read More
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We are the best handyman servicing company in Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties in Florida. Call us today!

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We are fully licensed and insured to work on all of the different kinds of projects we handle - from simple home repair to mold inspection and removal. We also specialize in pressure washing and home inspections. We treat our customers as if they are our family. You'll always get the best service and treatment from Handy Andy because we take the time to understand your needs and strive to not only meet but exceed those needs. Handy Andy really is your resource for handyman services in Pinellas county.

We offer licensed & bonded General Contracting Services Too!